Welcome to Bikers Down Support.


On Father’s Day, 2016 I got the call no father ever wants to get.

Mike (my son) & Kendra (my daughter in law) had been in a motorcycle accident.  When we arrived at the hospital Mike was already on his way to emergency surgery after a Cat scan and Kendra was barely conscious.  If she was the least hurt I was terrified for my son!

So began days and nights at Mike’s bedside in the ICU unit or with Kendra in her room while she endured surgery after surgery.  Mike went through an amputation of his left lower leg, part of his stomach was removed and a brain injury was discovered while he was in the coma.  That was along with numerous broken bones. He developed pneumonia in his one good lung (the other had been punctured) and wound up on a tracheotomy while in the coma.

As days turned to weeks I thought I would go crazy if I did not do something.  So on July 2, I began organizing a benefit motorcycle show for Mike & Kendra & 8 days later the show was held at the Brookside Mall (in Fredericton).  We had a DJ, donated trophies, many items donated to raffle, numerous give always, we sold pizza, had a donation jar, 50/50 draw, media coverage by ALL local TV, radio and newspapers MADD had a booth.  Several hundred people attended and we had 21 bikes on display.  We raised approximately $4000.00 and after paying for the pizza nearly $3800.00 was donated directly to Kendra while Mike was still in a coma.

I started to think I should do this every year make it an annual event to help any injured rider in those first few weeks of a serious injury. As the summer turned to September I decided it would be best to form a non profit organization and began researching with the Government of NB what I had to do.

I was told of Bikers Down Society in Nova Scotia and after making contact with Jimi Swinamer, a founder of BDS in NS, I received consent to form a Bikers Down in New Brunswick.  I then started contacting people I knew that were interested in helping and we formed our Board of Directors.  We now are an actual registered Not for Profit organization operating under New Brunswick business license number 714346129NP0001.

As time passes we wish to expand throughout the Province of New Brunswick through branches that have their own committees and eventually span Canada province by province.

So because of a devastating accident involving two of my most cherished family members, BIKERS DOWN SUPPORT was formed and is striving to help as many other riders as we possibly can during the first 6 – 8 weeks after a serious accident.

Thank you for your interest in BDS and stay safe!!!


As told by President & Founder of BIKERS DOWN SUPPORT in New Brunswick, Michael Burden (aka Mickey or Senior)